Guitarists Was Able To Play Jimi Hendrix’s $10,000,000 Guitar

via Paul Davids / Youtube

Evoking the electrifying “Voodoo Chile” that made the Stratocaster guitar so popular and its enormous tonal flexibility, the Jimi Hendrix Stratocaster takes you back to that time and you can pluck that sound out of it and make it your own. Filled with vintage tone and classic flair, this extraordinary instrument features the details of your custom “spun” guitars.

The sound and playing style of Hendrix were a consequence of the way he had to accommodate the guitars from right to left-handed, to put the strings and also by the headstock that was left in an inverted position, the same as happened to the bridge pickup. , all of this is faithfully reproduced on this guitar. By having the headstock inverted, there is a longer than normal string length in the bass, creating a different tension, which results in a different sensation as well as greater ease of bending and vibratos on the high strings.

It features a trio of unbeatable American Vintage ’65 single-coil pickups with the bridge pickup being reverse-slanted, producing a unique, warm tone with more overtones and definition. The versatility of a 9.5 “radius” C “maple neck with medium jumbo frets is ideal for chord playing while you can bend without fear of stringing out during scorching solos.

In the video below, the iconic YouTuber and guitar master Paul Davids had the chance to play the $10,000,000 guitar. The guitar has been restrung right handed so the owner can use it while the original strings Hendrix used are still in the case.

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