Guns N’ Roses Launch A New Pinball Machine Game

via @pinball_crow98 | Instagram

Slash, who is passionate about this type of arcade, has participated in the design of these pinball machines.

A next-gen, post-pandemic arcade may not be the same cramped sweatbox we remember, but there will be at least one exciting new game for the Pinball and Rock fan soon. Make room in your arcade because Guns N ‘Roses has announced Pinball “Not in This Lifetime”, a collaboration with Jersey Jack Pinball.

The machine, available in three editions, is named after the band’s reunion tour, and is a sight to behold. Guns N ‘Roses iconography creates excellent pinball graphics, with skeletal versions of the band adorning the colorful machine.

GN’R guitarist Slash is an avid pinball collector and longtime gamer, so the collaboration with Jersey Jack, a leading US pinball maker, makes sense. In fact, it’s a rare thing that it took so long, compared to other notable heavy bands like Metallica, KISS, Alice Cooper, and AC / DC that already have machines.

Slash co-designed the machine with Eric Meunier, who is considered a master in pinball circles for his work on the best-selling Pirates of the Caribbean machine, also a staple of American pinball arcades and pizzerias. Slash added game-specific moves and actions, recorded guitar riffs, music, voice, and video for the new game.

“It’s been a very fulfilling experience working with Jersey Jack on the new GNR Not in This Lifetime pinball machine,” the guitarist said. “Jersey Jack pinball games are some of the most unique and beautiful pins ever made, and I am honored to have been able to work with their brilliant team to design one of the most original and exciting rock ‘n’ roll pins ever produced.”

The “Not in This Lifetime” pinball machine is a true spectacle. Hundreds of interactive LED lights, multiple LCD screens, and a 120-watt stereo system that plays 21 full-length studio master tracks from Guns N ‘Roses.

Standard Edition machines sell for $ 6,750 and are available through Jersey Jack Pinball. A “Limited Edition” version retails for $ 9,500, while a “Collector’s Edition”, with a signature card signed by Slash, Axl Roses, and Duff McKagan, costs $ 12,500.