Guns N’ Roses Songs From Worst To Best

Don’t Worry, There Ain’t Any Chinese Democracy In Here…

Admit it, the very first time Guns N’ Roses came out on the scene, they became one of our favorite bands at the time. In this list, I did not include any songs from “Chinese Democracy,” and my reason is it’s not the “Guns N’ Roses,” it’s just Axl Rose and not the rest of the band.


10. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

One of the most amazing covers over Bob Dylan’s classic. Out of all the covers out there this one is without a doubt the very best.


9. Don’t Cry (Original)

A ballad that tells a story, and one of the first trilogy of songs, the two being November Rain and Estranged.


8. Patience

The opening whistle, the chorus, Slash guitar solo, and the faster-paced ending, made this song an epic GnR track!


7. Welcome to the Jungle

The song that features one of Axl Rose incredible vocals, and this is one of Guns N’ Roses experimental song.


6. Sweet Child O’ Mine

We know this, everyone knows this one, even kids and infants know this one – starts with the unforgettable riff, the solo, and the incredible chorus.


5. Rocket Queen

It has it all, great guitar, great lyrics, and a mesmerizing second half that’s a transition from the first pace, and it has one of the best bass lines too.


4. Nightrain

The song that defines GnR as one of the best rock n’ rollers during their prime. Everything in it is a masterpiece – The chorus. The guitar solos. The outro.


3. Paradise City

Definitely the most overplayed GnR song up to this day, this contains the brutal solo of Slash, and I think every person breathing has heard this once in their life.


2. November Rain

One of the masterpieces ever written in the history of rock n’ roll – second to the “Stairway to Heaven.” Starting slow and ending harder than it began.


1. Estranged

Only true Guns N’ Roses fans can attest to this one, that it is the best song of the band, one of our favorite song of all time.