Have You Ever Heard About The Microtonal Guitar?

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Well, Microtonal music never used the standard 12-tone equal temperament of Western music.

The Adjustable Microtonal Guitar was designed by Tolgahan Cogulu in 2008. It was a scientific research project at Istanbul Technical University Dr. Erol Ucer Center for Advanced Studies in Music and was accepted and funded under the supervision of Prof. Sehvar Besiroglu.

Microtonal is technically more than 12 notes per octave, and a lot of music around the globe is microtonal — we just don’t notice it because we often listen to Western Music.

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The fingerboard design of Microtonal Guitar is pretty awesome, and you’ll definitely love the way you’ll be able to change tunings without having to rebuild a neck.

If you’re a guitarist then you might find Microtonal Guitar sound is out of tune especially when playing a scale, but with musical pieces, it sounds naturally fine. One guitarist uses and incorporates that kind of microtonal sound, Marty Friedman with his bends into some of his slower playings.

To understand Microtonal guitar more, keep going for the video below: