Hear A 17-Year Old Bob Dylan On Record In 1959

via @Swingin’ Pig | YouTube

(Robert Allen Zimmerman; Duluth, United States, 1941) American singer and songwriter of folk and rock, one of the great figures of contemporary music, whose musical production made him a benchmark among singer-songwriters. His admiration for the poet Dylan Thomas led him to adopt the stage name for which he became popular.

In the 1960s, he created his own style from the recovery of folk music, to which he added lyrics loaded with symbolism and demands, which made him a leader for the protesting youth of his country. Songs like Blowin ‘in the Wind, Maters of war or Talkin’ World War III blues revolutionized world pop and broke new ground for both singer-songwriters and rock bands. 

In 1965 he turned to electric instruments and began a series of abrupt turns, both stylistic and spiritual, which earned him numerous criticisms from the most purist followers of folk.

In 1959 he began to study at the University of Minnesota, where he came into contact with so-called folk music and protest song. He frequented nightclubs where music was played and soon began to perform in them. Also, he spent more time singing and playing guitar and harmonica than studying.

Below was one of his recorded music in 1959 when he was just 17-year-old at the home of his friend, Ric Kangas in Hibbing, Minnesota.

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