Hear Chicago’s “Saturday in the Park” Turn Into An Unexpectedly Amazing Funk Song

via Scary Pockets / Youtube

Yep! This is excellent – will make your Friday better on a Saturday.

Scary Pockets has done it all from John Lennon’s “Jealous Guy” to John Mayer’s “Gravity.” This funk/fusion band reinvents mainstream tunes with their own distinctive flare.

Scary Pockets are a powerful Los Angeles funk group from LA. Ryan Lerman and Jack Conte make up Scary Pockets, who are supported by a random assortment of outstanding performers.

Their performances are always beautifully captured on video, reflecting the musical emotion that these outstanding players express.

Scary Pockets injects a funky vibe into each and every music they cover, flipping the original completely around and transforming it into their own creative arrangement. It’s no surprise that they’ve been dubbed “The Best Cover Band Ever” since they deliver a funky enthusiasm, revolving roster, and distinct set of skills towards every single performance.

If you want to hear more from this extremely innovative group, check out their new rendition of the iconic Chicago tune “Saturday in the Park” in the video below: