Her Guitar Cover Of ‘Crazy Train’ Just Blew Our Minds

via MUNA뮤나 / Youtube

Randy Rhoads is recognized as a Guitar Hero in his own right on the music scene… As well as one of the greatest influences recognized by many of the later great names.

In the video below, a Korean guitarist named @MUNA뮤나 covered Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train, the guitar parts were originally written and played by Randy Rhoads.

Regarding the issue of “difficulty”, the song is considered quite easy especially the whole rhythmic part. Randy Rhoads always has his easy parts and his complicated parts, but that’s where everyone should introduce their own style and avoid going crazy with each note – and that’s what this guitarist exactly did on her cover – it’s definitely mind-blowing!

She did it almost perfectly – if not perfect – especially the solo tapping where she made it look easy.

It is incredible to see that Randy Rhoads, after 40 years, his work didn’t go to waste and the young generation of guitar players still appreciate his music.

Keep going for the video below: