How An F1 Legend Owes Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason Money

via @pinkfloydbt | Instagram

In a fascinating revelation, Pink Floyd’s iconic drummer Nick Mason has shed light on an intriguing monetary quirk involving Formula 1 legend Eddie Jordan. The tale of how F1 and rock intersected in a curious way unfolds in a recent conversation on the Formula For Success Podcast with David Coulthard.

When F1 Meets Rock

Mason and Jordan’s paths converged due to their mutual passion for motorsports, a convergence that led to an unexpected financial exchange. As Eddie Jordan reminisced about their initial meeting in 1981, it became evident that their shared love for the race track played a significant role:

“I met up with a guy, Nick Mason. And Nick was an extremely nice, laid-back guy, and he said, ‘Jordan, would you like to drive the car? We won’t talk about the money involved at this moment in time, but I’d like you to drive the car.’ This was a BMW which was the worst car, which was entered by EMKA, which Steve O’Rourke was the manager of Pink Floyd.”

The Unexpected Debt

However, the story takes a delightful twist when Nick Mason joins the conversation later. With a touch of humor, Mason clarifies that he never extended an offer for Jordan to drive the car commissioned by EMKA. In a lighthearted manner, he playfully points out that Jordan still has an outstanding “debt” linked to the said car:

“Hi, DC and EJ. I’ve absolutely no idea how Eddie managed to get a drive at Le Mans in that car. I do know he still owes money on it, though. And after 30 years, you’d think he might be prepared to put his hands in his pocket. Clearly not.”

Music and Motorsports

In a delightful twist of events, Eddie Jordan’s car experienced a breakdown 21 hours into the race, leading him to make an unusual decision. Instead of fixing the car and continuing the race, Jordan opted to attend a Pink Floyd concert that very night. The connection between music and motorsports couldn’t have been more serendipitous, as he witnessed Mason’s drumming prowess.