How Did Pink Floyd Conceptualized “The Dark Side Of The Moon

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The Album That Was Ahead Of Its Time!

How do we explain the concept of this album? – Is it just a moon reflecting lights back to our world, and sometimes reflects darkness? Is it because of human beings, being metaphorically the same?

The Dark Side of the Moon, let us reflects into our darkness or even the light inside our hearts, and unlike the moon, we have a choice to choose which one to reflect. Life provides, without a doubt, many pressures – some of it is greed, war, poverty, materials, politics, and death – which can essentially tempt us to enter the darkness, – the darkest place in our hearts.

“There are pressures that are capable of pushing you in one direction or another.” – Roger Waters

The meaning of this fascinating album is that it helps you not to give in to the temptation – not to enter the darkness but to reflect into the light instead. Never give in to the pressures in life.

“Stand your ground and attempt to live your life in an authentic way.”Roger Waters.

There’s always a choice, and it’s up to you to decide what exactly is right for you – what life you want to lead in.

I suddenly realized then, that year, that life was already happening. I think it’s because my mother was so obsessed with education and the idea that childhood and adolescence and… well, everything… was about preparing for a life that was going to start later. And I suddenly realized that life wasn’t going to start later – that it starts at ‘dot’ and that it happens all the time, and that at any point you can grasp the reigns and start guiding your own destiny.” Roger Waters

Life is heavy and dark, – and we’ve all been there, but Pink Floyd intended to get people to think, and make the right choice. The entire conceptualization of this record is that it gives everyone a positive message to cope up with:

“That’s not to say that the potential for the sun to shine doesn’t exist. Walk down the path towards the light rather than into the darkness.”Roger Waters

They managed to create a legacy – a masterpiece by using the three important philosophy in life: Morality. Ethics. Humanity.

Quotes used for this article are taken from “The Making of Dark Side of the Moon Documentary,” available below.

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