How John Paul Jones Would Describe John Bonham’s Role In Led Zeppelin

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John Paul Jones, the bassist, and keyboardist of Led Zeppelin, is considered one of the most influential musicians of his time. He is known for his musical talents and contributions to Led Zeppelin’s iconic sound. In a 2003 interview, Jones talked about how the band coped with the death of their drummer, John Bonham, and how it impacted Led Zeppelin.

Jones was deeply affected by Bonham’s death and stated that it was a terrible shock for him and the band. He revealed that Bonham wasn’t just a drummer, he was a quarter of Led Zeppelin, and it was impossible to replace him. Jones stated that the band didn’t even try to find another drummer, as it wouldn’t be the same band without Bonham.

Jones emphasized that Led Zeppelin wasn’t a song-based band; it was about the continual creation of music. The band’s music was based on improvisation, and the way it was played was what made it unique. Therefore, it wasn’t possible to replace Bonham with another drummer and maintain the same sound.

Jones’s comments highlight the significant role Bonham played in Led Zeppelin’s sound. His drumming style was a crucial component of the band’s music and helped to create their unique sound. Bonham’s contributions were so important that Led Zeppelin couldn’t continue without him.

Jones’s words also demonstrate the deep connection and respect that existed between the band members. Led Zeppelin was more than just a group of musicians playing together; they were friends and collaborators. Bonham’s death not only marked the end of the band but also the end of a chapter in their lives.