How Much Of A Musical Genius Is John Lennon – We Find Out

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It’s Always Been A McCartney-Lennon Thing.

But the truth is they were all geniuses in their own ways — but if we define genius according to Oxford English Dictionary is Exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability, and Lennon, of course, would, therefore, categorized as such.

He was exceptionally creative not just with his imaginations by seeing words as pictures in mind but with instruments as well.

Without a doubt, Paul is a genius also, but with musical arrangement, and has a natural gift of talent with understanding and playing various instruments. Paul knows what he was doing, and did a great job of doing it.

Lennon and McCartney, Bob Dylan, and David Bowie — IMHO, were the four greatest musical geniuses of the 20th Century, and why is that? They managed to change the face of music, and the music they played, did not exist until they accidentally created it.

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Back to the topic, John Lennon surely is the Greatest Genius of All Time in Music – he was ahead of every step to everyone, even with Paul McCartney. Of course, Paul’s songs are great, and his natural talent is a grace given by him. He’s actually better than John Lennon on knowing arrangements, playing instruments together, in unique new ways.

But John had a different input – and it’s his songwriting skills, and this is why I rate him so highly than everyone else in the music industry. His songs were impossible to figure out how he made them, he had something in his head and it’s called CRAZINESS.

Even Musicologist unable to determine nor understand John’s way of thinking.

The things he did were out of complexity and turned out to be so original but simple sounding, — which leaves me a question that still left unanswered to this very day — “HOW THE F DID HE DO THAT?”

But of course, the man is too proud to say it. John would consider himself 1/4 of the Beatles if we asked him.

All I can say is, John Lennon was a visionary, a master lyricist and a great musician.