How Phil Rudd Was Able To Return To AC/DC

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The entire universe is in favor of the return of the greatest rock band on the planet AC/DC with its best-lost members.

This return of the group founded in 1973 is one of the few news from the musical world that is good in a year dominated by the global pandemic

And the best part is that this influential Australian band will be back on stage with seasoned Brian Johnson, Phil Rudd, and Cliff Williams.

AC/DC fans will surely remember that vocalist Johnson had to leave a world tour in 2016 due to a medical diagnosis that suggested he would go deaf.

Drummer Phil Rudd was forced to move out when he was found guilty of illegal drug offenses and went to jail.

Angus Young concluded Phil Rudd could become the drummer of AC/DC again after seeing him at Malcolm Young’s funeral. “He just looked so good,” Angus told Rolling Stone. “He was there and in good shape. He was keeping himself well-together. He was getting therapy and sorting himself out. It was really good.”

In 2016, Rudd had proclaimed himself a reformed man, stating he had left drugs and was attending a therapist every week. “It has become part of who I am now,” he revealed. “With help. I have had to get help on my issues. I’ve never felt better in my life. Physically, mentally, I am in the best shape I have ever been.”

Johnson, who continued to be in touch with Rudd, also remarked the difference in his bandmate. “I speak for all the boys with Phil,” the singer told Rolling Stone. “We defend Phil to the hilt. What happened up there, that’s not the Phil we know. That was just something else. He’s really looking brilliant now and doing everything great.”