How Thrash Metal In The 80’s Saved Rock n’ Roll

The Real Saviors!

During the ’70s, there are many rock artists who played music with such sexual ambiguity such examples are David Bowie, Kiss, The Rolling Stones, and Alice Cooper. These artists had an impact on the bands that came after and we call them the “Glam Rock.” When this genre began during the ’80s, it became such a phenomenon, and it was everywhere. It had its moment in the music scene and was almost exclusively known anywhere.

However, it destroyed Rock N’ Roll. Everything they did had more to do with the way they looked and the way they dressed than the music. Wearing outfits that were glamorous and glittery — guys with long hair, wearing makeup and women’s clothes, they weren’t even trying to be fem, and it was so outrageous at the time.

It actually damaged the rock music by focusing more on their shits and looks and music video rather than what the message of the song really can carry.

But thanks to the genre that came with it, the “Thrash Metal.” There were four bands that brought back music to its rightful place and the big influence on the lyrics and instrumentals behind the music rather than the scene (Glam Rock) that came with it. These four bands we call them now as “The Big Four (Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax).” “Thrash Metal” has drawn us more into rock music because of its combination of speed, aggression, and most importantly, intellect. The Big Four displayed very fast tight riffs and solos which had complement their songs as if it is forcing you to respect the musicianship of these bands.

Metallica’s lyrics had always mesmerized us with its very deep and strong meaning, and we can refer to them as one of the best. And ever since Metallica stepped foot in the music scene, they became legends in their own rightful way. However, after Dave Mustaine was kicked out in Metallica, he formed the band called Megadeth — the band that hooked us up with great musicianship, especially the guitar works and lyrical contents and since then, a lot of musicians respected Megadeth. But if you somehow prefer your music thrash pummeling, fast and aggressive, enter Slayer. Not only that Slayer were arguably better musicians than the other Thrash Metal bands, — and some metalheads might agree that they are better than Metallica, — they were much heavier, much darker, and more intense. They surely did slay musically speaking! What about Anthrax? Anthrax is definitely a great band, they released great albums, brought distinctive style in their lyrics, and will always be considered as one of the founding members of Thrash.

So what’s my point? Well, the point is Thrash Metal in the ’80s were the one who actually did save “Rock N’ Roll.” — And these four bands are still kicking!