How To Sound Like The Beatles Using Modern Instruments – For All The Gear Heads Out There

via Reverb/YouTube

That One Tutorial You Need

The Beatles have some of the most covered songs of all time – “Yesterday,” “And I Love Her,” “Eleanor Rigby,” and “Blackbird.” So it’s safe to assume many would want to sound like them – who doesn’t, really? Besides, they were highly influential in rock ‘n roll and their classics have stood the test of time. And if there’s one universal fact we acknowledge, it’s that The Fab Four weren’t a bunch of slouches when it came to playing musical instruments.

Each member delivered the goods and even with their simplest songs, you’ll find out they’re not as easy to play as they look. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t learn them. Just take a look at this guy here who breaks down how to sound like The Beatles while using modern guitar gear. And he played these classics beautifully – incredibly close to the original.

We may need to issue a warning though – you would probably want all the gears he used here. But don’t worry because they’re not ALL expensive. It won’t break the bank.

“Recreating the actual rigs [the Beatles] used is, let’s just say, out of reach for most. If you can budget $100,000 to get a Neumann U47 in front of a ’63 Vox AC-30 pumped with a WEM Pep Box and run through a Fairchild 660, by all means, go for it.

“For the rest of us, we’ll settle for the delightful JHS Colour Box and a few other affordable pedals to get the job done. Check out the settings below and play along.” – Reverb’s Peter Schu

So, are you ready to learn?