ILCR Pick: 5 Songs From ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ By Pink Floyd

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Regarded as one of the band’s most successful concept albums of all time. They surely crafted a masterpiece with the help of their earlier material. Here at I Love Classic Rock, we pick the best 5 songs from ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ By Pink Floyd. We’re pretty sure you will agree with the list below:


1. Time

Written by Roger Waters who simply had an idea about time — time is what it is — you don’t have to prepare for what is coming but rather you have to control your own destiny. This song has a deeper meaning something important while other artists sing about clichés like booze, women, and money.

2. Breathe (In The Air)

If you have to take acid to appreciate this song, then something must be very wrong with you. Pink Floyd and this music are more than enough drugs for your ears. Breathe is surely a hell of a drug.

3. Us And Them

The best way to listen to this song is on full blast, laying on a bed with headphones while facing up at the ceiling. The music will let your mind drift aimlessly.


4. Money

A song that is complex in almost every aspect, the time signature is crazy, and also it’s a song about money and materialism borrowing heavily from blues. A song conveying the grief and hardship of being poor. The fact itself is a pointy critique.


5. The Great Gig In The Sky

Pink Floyd’s ethereal song from the album, and it’s incredible, no words were spoken (except the one who was speaking in the intro), but it digs deep with your feelings. A song about death, a song with no words say so much, and a song that is so immortal.