ILCR Pick: 5 Songs From ‘Led Zeppelin IV’ By Led Zeppelin

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The band’s most admired work — Paige’s impeccable riffs, Jones’ musical experimentation, Plant’s gigantic vocals, and titanic John Bonham drumming. Here at I Love Classic Rock, we pick the 5 best songs from ‘Led Zeppelin IV’ By Led Zeppelin.


1. Misty Mountain Hop

The intro of this song is so perfect and so awesome. And you can hear how Bonzo was a monster on this song. This song takes you back to a time when things aren’t complicated. Misty Mountain Hop is definitely an iconic song.


2. Rock And Roll

This song rocks and rolls all over the place! Led Zeppelin are so good that they rocked it hard by creating a song called rock and roll that truly rocks and rolls! Rock And Roll is a Cadillac song where you can play it loud and jam on the road.


3. Black Dog

With this song, Bonzo proved that he was the only drummer that was able to play a melody on drums. He was his drums. Black Dog is the sound of savage freedom and lustful passion. One of Zep’s best, and one of history’s best music as well – great, genius, honest, direct, authentic, powerful, unbelievable, and unforgettable.


4. When The Levee Breaks

When The Levee Breaks proves that John Paul Jones was the Brain, Plant was the Soul, Jimmy Page was the Heart, And John Bonham was the Blood that was flowing through all of them. Led Zeppelin made the Gods pay attention to this song.


5. Stairway To Heaven

The song that could reset the universe — it’s a poetry and at the same time, explains how the human being is greedy and selfish, and yet he wants to find the true paradise. Stairway To Heaven is the holy grail of the “guitar songs” period.