Iron Maiden Will “Never” Retire

via @giuseppecraca | Instagram

Formed in 1975, since then Iron Maiden has painted themselves as arguably the most prolific heavy metal band in history. And a new album that would possibly come out this year just shows that they won’t be stopping anytime soon. Bruce Dickinson noted that he hadn’t seen any end in sight, even declared that they will never retire.

“I like that. There’s always hope. ‘After the current members retire,’ there’ll be a whole load of Iron [Maiden] members,” Dickinson said during an unscripted Q&A on Saturday in Bucharest, Romania. “We won’t even have to [use] f**king holograms. You know what I mean? You can actually have real Iron Maiden members that kind of look like us but are not us. That’s good. I like that. It’s not a bad idea. Then we can just sit back and [collect] royalties and do no work. Good idea! It’ll never happen, because we’re never going to f**king retire.”

Dickinson reaffirmed his colleagues Steve Harris’ sentiments regarding the same subject. Harris previously shared with SiriusXM’s Trunk Nation that Iron Maiden shows no sign of stopping anytime soon as long as they can still physically perform well. 

“We all feel that if we feel we’re not cutting it anymore, then we’ll discuss it and that will probably be the end of it,” Harris said. “But at the moment, we don’t feel like that. We feel that we definitely still are pulling our weight, so to speak. We’re just doing well. So far so good. I don’t wanna tempt fate, but we are doing good.”