Is Classic Rock ready for the Museums? Or What is The Future of Classic Rock?

Huh? Are they out of their minds?

Classic Rock? For Museums? That’s absurd! Classic rock will always be part of our music lifestyle.

Where would be music today if not for all these classic rock artists, they made it as a genre in today’s music! They have inspired us all these years, they became part of us.  Do we even have to call it a “CLASSIC”? Just because they are getting older each day and some are slowly passing away (that’s the sad part of it) we don’t have to classify it as “CLASSIC”. Rock Music will always be Rock Music!

We still have the internet folks, classic rock can still be heard. Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC, and so many to mention. They do deserve our respect and we have to give it to them by not making a wax out of them or set them on display for amusement. We have to honor them by listening to their music, by doing the pleasure of playing them, and doing tributes and sharing them to the next generations. — Making an influence out of them. That is what they DESERVED.

There are still a decent amount of people in any generation that really love classic rock. A bit odd and broad to even name it as “CLASSIC” for a music genre… Smmhs.. Tsss.. (Butthurt)