It Turns Out That Things Aren’t All That Great Between Ozzy Osbourne & Tony Iommi…


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Well This Is Just A Bummer…

Ozzy Osbourne having a rocky relationship with Tony Iommi, or every member of Black Sabbath for that matter. Not exactly surprising, right? It’s no secret that the band’s storied career was a rocky road from start to finish, but nevertheless they are responsible for creating the music we all know and love as heavy metal.

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I guess it’s just safe to assume that every successful band has their myriad of ups and downs, and Black Sabbath is certainly no different. In fact, Ozzy just gave a little more insight to that particular factoid during a recent interview Times.


Here is some of what he had to say when talking about his working relationship with Tony Iommi…

“Do I like working with him? Not really. Do I like him as a person? Yeah, I love him as a person. But if people was to say to me, ‘Was there a leader of Black Sabbath?’ I’d have to say it was Tony Iommi because without his guitar riffs we’d be still sitting in fucking rehearsal with our thumbs up our arses going, ‘What do we do now?’”

“I’ll tell you what it was like. It’s like when you’re younger and you met a girl, Susie, and you break up and you don’t see her for 30 years. Then she’s in town and you go, ‘Oh, I’ll give Susie a call,’ because your memory only remembers the good parts and you can narrow it then to a week and you go, ‘I remember that week and it was lovely. “But then you go back and you go, ‘I forgot the fucking four and three-quarter years I was fucking miserable.’”

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Comparing Tony Iommi to an ex-girlfriend. Yup, that definitely sounds like something Ozzy would do. I guess it comes as no surprise that Ozzy would feel this way (professionally) about Tony, but we just hope that this doesn’t make things awkward between the two…