James Hetfield Recalls Playing For 1.6 Million People In Russia

via @PowerfulJRE | Youtube

Metallica is the most well-known heavy metal to date, but if you didn’t know, or you already did – Metallica once played for 1.6 Million Russian fans giving them the taste of the most dangerous music, heavy metal.

It happened around when the Black Album came out and Enter Sandman became their massive music video hit –Metallica became so popular that even America’s enemies wanted them to play at Monsters Of Rock festival in Moscow, Russia.

If you already watched the video – it was a vast ocean of people who came to see them play at the festival and witnessed how a Metallica concert feels like.

Below is the full concert

Metallica’s lead vocalist recalled playing with such vast audiences in Moscow during an interview with Joe Rogan Experience podcast. He talked about the experience and how the people of Russia welcomed them.

However, James, in the interview, got the attendance wrong, it was actually 1.6 Million people who attended the Festival and not 500,000 people. But, of course, it doesn’t matter – how can he count such vast ocean of audiences, right?

Keep going for the full video podcast below: