Janis Joplin Going Hard on Stage- But Keep Your Eye On That Dude

Janis and the Dude With Killer Dance Moves

There will never be another Janis Joplin and that’s a fact. There was just something about her style, her voice, her swagger. Just pure boss and grunge in her voice. In this clip we see what a good time is really all about. Seems like everyone is high, having a blast while Janis goes hard on one of her, if not her most popular song “PIece of my Heart”.

These were the good ‘ol days when music was played by real instruments, and people really got deep into it…and deep into other substances, but still, all for a good time. But one person really stands out. You gotta see the guy in the white shirt with his killer dance moves. Looks like the dude just got off work and B-lined it straight to the Janis show. As he should have. Lol.