Jason Momoa Gets A 1934 “Holy Grail” Guitar Added To His Collection

via Emerald City Guitars / Youtube

Jason Momoa, widely known as Aquaman, isn’t just a superstar in the movie world; he’s also a passionate music enthusiast and collector. Recently, he made headlines in the music community by acquiring a true gem for his collection: the very first Martin D-28 acoustic guitar, crafted in 1934. This iconic instrument is often hailed as the “Holy Grail” guitar because it marks the genesis of a legendary line of guitars.

Momoa’s acquisition was made possible with the assistance of Trevor Boone from Emerald City Guitars, who orchestrated the purchase and documented the entire process in an exciting YouTube video.

Boone, an expert in vintage guitars, expressed his awe for the instrument, stating,

“To me, it’s a holy grail guitar. It’s a true privilege to handle this, transact it and now deliver it.”

This unique guitar holds a special place in the history of music.

“Martin sent out three 1934 [models] during this first initial batch, and this is the first one they sent,” explains Boone in the video, emphasizing the instrument’s historical significance.

For Momoa, this acquisition represents a dream come true. In the video, he excitedly opens the guitar case, exclaiming,

“This is my first real, real, real, real, real acoustic… It’s so beautiful.”

His genuine enthusiasm showcases the deep connection he has with music and his profound respect for the instrument’s heritage.

Momoa’s love for music has been evident throughout his career. He has often shared his musical inspirations, from bands like Tool and Metallica, which motivated him during the filming of Aquaman, to engaging in vocal lessons from a death metal vocalist. His musical endeavors also include jam sessions with renowned musicians like Primus’ Les Claypool.

Trevor Boone, reflecting on Momoa’s musical tastes, remarked,

“The stuff he’s into is just all the best. Anything rusty, beaten, historic or has a story, and that’s the stuff that I love.”

The 1934 Martin D-28 has undergone a few repairs over the years, including a new fretboard and a new top, likely done between 1954 and 1957. Despite these modifications, the guitar retains its original essence, making it a treasure for any collector or music enthusiast.

This acquisition not only enriches Momoa’s extensive collection but also adds to the legacy of a guitar that played a pivotal role in shaping the sound of generations. As the actor strums the strings of this exceptional instrument, he not only connects with its rich history but also becomes a part of the story, ensuring that the legacy of this “Holy Grail” guitar lives on for years to come.

Watch the video below: