Jeff Young Says Dave Mustaine is a Douchebag For His Comments About ex-Megadeth Members

via Metal Addicts / Youtube

Recent remarks by Dave Mustaine, frontman of MEGADETH, regarding the achievements of former band members have sparked controversy. Jeff Young, a former guitarist of MEGADETH, has openly criticized Mustaine’s comments, highlighting his own accomplishments and accusing him of promoting misinformation. The ongoing exchange reveals tensions within the band and sheds light on the personal dynamics between its members.

Questioning Mustaine’s Claims

In a recent interview with Oran O’Beirne of Bloodstock TV, Mustaine discussed MEGADETH’s performance at Tokyo’s Budokan, where former guitarist Marty Friedman joined the band. Mustaine remarked that Friedman was the only ex-MEGADETH member who had achieved significant success outside the band. Young, who was recruited by MEGADETH in 1987, was quick to challenge Mustaine’s assertion, highlighting his own accomplishments. Referring to his Brazilian world music album, Young retorted:

“What about that little Number One Brazilian world music album I did over here, douchebag?”

He also accused Mustaine of promoting disinformation and hypocrisy, suggesting that Mustaine should reflect on his own actions before writing songs about others.

Maintaining Focus on KINGS OF THRASH

Jeff Young, along with former MEGADETH member David Ellefson, is currently part of the band KINGS OF THRASH. When asked about Mustaine’s response to their new venture, Young dismissed any concern or interest in Mustaine’s opinions. Instead, he emphasized the positive nature of their collaboration and the celebration of their shared musical history. Young mentioned the financial benefit that Mustaine gains from their performances and the promotion of MEGADETH’s albums, underscoring the win-win situation for all involved.

Reflecting on Mustaine’s Musical Abilities

Responding to the exclusion of songs from MEGADETH’s first three albums in recent live concerts, Young suggested that Mustaine’s limitations may be the reason behind their absence. He candidly stated:

“He can barely play and sing the stuff that they’re doing, the same ten songs every night.”

This echoes similar remarks Young made in the past, indicating that the band’s decision to focus on specific material is rooted in Mustaine’s capabilities as a performer.