Jerry Garcia Tells A Funny Acid Story

via blueshirttail/YouTube

Get Ready To LOL

Almost every single old rocker has at least one funny story involving LSD. Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia is definitely no exception.

We all know he’s a cool guy but listening to him talk about this bad acid trip is pretty hilarious. Also, it’s no secret that psychedelics were his thing and in fact, he doesn’t mind casually getting asked about it in interviews. He even referred to it as “like a coffee break” once.

“But I always keep some psychedelics around. I like to have some DMT. I like DMT ‘cause it takes you a long way and it’s short. It doesn’t take a day and you’re back to reality in like an hour, but in the meantime it sort of blows out the tubes. In terms of the psychedelic requirement – that you experience some kind of supernormal perception of some sort or even imagine that you do, whether it’s in the mind or whatever – if that’s the criterion, then to me there’s times when that’s helpful.” – Jerry Garcia

This video is one of his final interviews and he shares the story about inadvertently taking a huge amount of acid before a concert all thanks to a birthday cake laced with about 800 hits. The poor guy only wanted a bit of frosting from the beautiful and delicious sweet treat backstage prior to a performance.

“By this time I didn’t enjoy playing under the influence of psychedelics because I didn’t have the freedom to quit when I wanted to. It’s not really fun to play when you don’t have options. It wasn’t something I was looking forward to.

And it keeps getting later, and later, and later, and I’m coming on. The place is swimming and I start to hear the overhear of people. And I’m going off in this paranoid space. God, this place is full of mafia guys and they’re all trying to kill me. I got that notion in my head. This guy comes in and he looks exactly like a mafia guy.” – Jerry Garcia

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