Jimmy Page Shares The Most Difficult Led Zeppelin Record To Make

Youtube / BBC News

Even while every album-making process involves a lot of hard work, long hours, and restless nights, certain recordings are nonetheless more difficult for the bands to finish. Making music is a difficult profession that takes numerous steps in addition to simply getting into the studio, such as composition, production, mixing, and mastering.

To give their all and create excellent work for their audience, the band members aim to be as careful as they can. Since the record is ultimately a team effort, every one of them shares in the overall labor and makes a contribution at some time.

Jimmy Page was consistently the main character during the formation of Led Zeppelin. Aside from his musical skills and creative abilities, the guitarist was extremely educated about different recording methods as a result of his extensive experience as a session musician. His experiences, therefore, assisted the band in creating new sounds. But Page still had trouble with the album’s recording process.

Although Zeppelin’s eighth and last studio album, “In Through the Out Door,” was published in 1979, the famed band also produced a compilation album named “Coda” in 1982 after splitting up. The CD contains almost all of the band’s previously unreleased tracks from prior recording sessions. The 2015 release of the compilation CD featured additional material, such as alternate takes and some never-before-heard songs.

Since Led Zeppelin had to provide Atlantic Records one more album due to their responsibilities, “Coda” was actually a contractual record. The band also owed taxes on its prior records. Jimmy Page commented on the difficult recording of “Coda” as well as the band’s legacy in a 2015 interview with the Guardian.

“Well, it wasn’t for the taxman, but it was a contractual album,” When questioned if it was an album for the taxman, Page said. The guitarist then acknowledged that it was the band’s most difficult record to make, adding, “It was a difficult album. People say: ‘What was the most difficult album?’ and that was it. It was a posthumous album – you’re going to be using studio outtakes because we didn’t have anything else in the can.”

The musician continued,

“It wasn’t like we had an album in the can to go, of course, we didn’t, far from it. It was what it was, but it wouldn’t have gone out if I hadn’t thought it had a place. But it was a difficult one to do and put together. [For the reissue] I wanted to make ‘Coda’ the mother of all ‘Coda’ – I wanted to make it such a celebration of the group in all its quirkiness and all its directness. Well, that’s what this ‘Coda’ is. It’s just got so much fun on it.”

As a result, Jimmy Page acknowledged that “Coda” was the most challenging album to finish since they only had studio outtakes. Therefore, it was difficult for the guitarist to put them together and get them ready for their audience. Nevertheless, he believes that those songs have to be made public in some way since they are crucial to the band’s 12-year work.