Jimmy Page’s Next Album Will Be “Everything I Can Muster Up” – According To Him

IMG via nerdist.com

It’s Been A Long Time Since He Rock N’ Roll!

It’s been several years since we’ve heard Jimmy Page been talking about a new musical project, which has been delayed by giving all of his time and focus on reworking on some of Led Zeppelin’s catalog and making plans about the celebration of the band’s 50th anniversary. Even so, he took an interview with Rolling Stone last 2015 responding to suggestions that his solo concept is base on acoustic guitar.

“I intend to be doing something which obviously will surface as a sort of album somewhere,” he said. “It’ll surface further on down the line; I’m looking forward to doing whatever the project is. But if you think about all the areas that I’ve attempted, guitar, whether it’s acoustic or electric or whatever, all the different approaches that I’ve done, it’s just gonna be an extension of all of that, and that’s it.” He emphasized: “So it’s not just acoustic, it’s not just electric, it’s everything I can muster up.”

In a recent interview with Planet Rock magazine (via Billboard), Page seems to have accepted that it was almost unlikely possible for the Led Zeppelin might reunite once more.

“You’ve just got to face facts. We’ve gone past the tenth anniversary of the O2 [reunion show], where we managed to do one serious concert. “That’s the only thing that we’ve done for such a long time, so I very much doubt we’ll do anything else. I really think the time has gone.”

The 50th anniversary is set to be released inclusive of a photo book featuring contributions from all three surviving members, – Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones. Page recently announced a new live album was also in the making, while Plant said that the trio was planning a get-together to discuss some possible developments and that the so-called “celebration” would somehow take place.

In the Planet Rock interview Page outlined some other Led Zeppelin “products” that could arrive, saying:

“I can’t give the game away, but there’s a recording that’s another multi-track that we’ll release. It’s so different to all the other things that are out there. It’s another view compared to How The West Was Won or The Song Remains The Same. I’m looking forward to people hearing that. There’s a lot of stuff to come out, a number of releases. I’d like to say that they’ll be coming out over the next 10 years. There’s more to come for sure.”