Joe Walsh Just Performed “Rocky Mountain Highway” With Foo Fighters – Faith In Music Restored!

via Foo Fighters Brasil/YouTube

They Took It To The Next Level

Foo Fighters is a gift that keeps on giving. It’s like they know what you want and give it to you before you even had a chance to say anything. From the epic prank Dave Grohl successfully pulled off to bringing other rock legends to jam with on stage – their shows are definitely something everyone looks forward to.

During a show at Fenway Park last July 22, Joe Walsh joined the band for an unforgettable rendition of his 1973 hit “Rocky Mountain Way.” This is just before Joe hits the road for a string of shows with The Eagles.

The Foo Fighters and Joe are good pals and even recorded “Outside” together for the group’s 2014 album “Sonic Highways.” Dave and Joe have also performed on stage several times.

“I’ve been in all kinds of various arrangements of chain of command, and I was very comfortable – and everybody was – and I think the music shows that. I’m an honorary Foo Fighter, I guess. Or alumni or something. I’m proud to be one.” – Joe Walsh

Check out the video and let us know what you think.