Joey Kramer Replacement Admits He’s Not Prepared For First Show

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Stepping into the spotlight of a legendary band like Aerosmith is a dream come true for any musician, but when you’re suddenly thrust into the role without much warning, it can be a nerve-wracking experience. John Douglas, the current fill-in drummer for Aerosmith’s Joey Kramer, recently opened up about his unexpected journey to the stage, revealing that he wasn’t fully prepared for the challenge.

In 2019, when Joey Kramer faced an injury during Aerosmith’s Las Vegas “Deuces Are Wild” residency, Douglas found himself in an unexpected position.

He was tasked with taking over the drum kit without a proper soundcheck and only a few hours to familiarize himself with the band’s extensive catalog. Reflecting on the experience, Douglas admitted:

“I never enter into a job like that thinking that that’s going to happen… I was not prepared at all and yet somehow I made it through and lived to tell about it.”


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Despite the lack of preparation, Douglas managed to pull off the performance, even though he found himself navigating the complexities of iconic Aerosmith tracks on the fly. He recalled the pressure of playing alongside a band of such caliber, emphasizing the vast difference between tapping along to a familiar tune and driving the rhythm for a legendary group like Aerosmith.

Since that night, Douglas has been called upon multiple times to fill in for Kramer, a responsibility he doesn’t take lightly.

He recognizes the iconic nature of the drum parts created by Kramer and ensures that he pays homage to the original compositions.

“Those parts that Joey wrote and played are iconic… As a fan, if I’m sitting in the audience, that’s the one I want to hear,” Douglas affirmed.

Acknowledging his temporary role in the band, Douglas clarified:

“Joey Kramer is still the drummer for Aerosmith. Was and always has been.”

Despite the challenges and the pressure, Douglas continues to honor the band’s legacy while contributing his unique energy to the performances.

As Aerosmith’s “Peace Out” tour gears up for its next leg starting in October, fans can anticipate witnessing Douglas’ dedication and musical prowess on stage. For him, it’s not just about playing the drums; it’s about preserving the essence of Aerosmith’s timeless music while adding his own flair. As the tour continues, Douglas stands as a testament to the resilience and adaptability of musicians, proving that even in unexpected circumstances, the show must go on.