John Lennon Believed There’s One Beatles Album That Was Never Finished

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The Beatles, a legendary band that left an indelible mark on music history, had their own share of struggles and unfinished projects. Among these was an album that John Lennon believed was never truly completed. While Lennon was candid about his thoughts, he also saw a unique charm in this work-in-progress album.

A Challenging Path

As The Beatles’ journey continued, their dynamics underwent changes that sometimes led to friction. Lennon openly spoke about the challenges they faced while creating music. He highlighted the strain of collaboration, explaining, “Imagine working with the Beatles, man. It’s a tough scene.” The process became torturous, reflecting the band’s humanity and shared struggles.

The Unfinished Album

The album in question was “Let It Be.” Lennon revealed that their original vision for the album was never fully realized. He explained, “We never finished the album, never quite finished the songs. We put it out like that, and there’s bits of us mumbling and chatting and singing old rockers and all sorts of messing about.” Despite its incomplete nature, Lennon saw a silver lining, finding an “improvised quality about it.” He perceived “Let It Be” as a chance for The Beatles to shed their formalities and reveal a more raw version of themselves.

Documenting Discord

Lennon’s acceptance of the album’s uniqueness didn’t extend to the accompanying documentary. He expressed disappointment in how it portrayed the band, particularly Paul McCartney. He felt that the film was skewed in McCartney’s favor, leading to tensions within the group. According to Lennon, the documentary marked a turning point in their dynamics. He stated, “The camera work was set-up to show Paul and not anybody else. And that’s how I felt about it.” This perception added to the strains that ultimately contributed to The Beatles’ eventual breakup.