John Lennon In 1968 Interview: “The journey was terrible, but the trip was alright”

via @Ignazio2693 | YouTube

It was May 14, 1968 – the duo Lennon and McCartney just arrived in New York to promote their new record label, Apple. While the two were staying in New York, they made a live appearance to do an interview.

This was the two Beatles’ first TV live appearance in the US for almost three years. The discussion covered some light-hearted teasing about the Maharishi and meditation, the founding of the Apple Corps, and new materials. John and Paul appeared unwell and exhausted; at one point, actress Tallulah Bankhead questioned which one was Ringo.

Unfortunately, archival footage of this interview does not exist. NBC recorded over the initial recording to save money on tapes. Some fans managed to make home movies of the original, which is the only left footage of the interview.

You can watch the interview below and listen to John Lennon talk about his experiences during the Fab Fours trip in India.

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