John Lennon’s Chilhood Home Sold For £279k In Auction

via john._lemon | Instagram

From humble origins in Liverpool, John Lennon climbed above it, put it behind, and went on to alter the world. According to an old story, this is why they named the airport after John Lennon since that was the first place he visited after receiving some cash.

Notwithstanding the jokes, Lennon’s musical journey really started in the semi-detached home on Blomfield Road in Allerton, Liverpool, where he first practiced with his friend Paul McCartney.

Bidders were ready for battle as this priceless piece of history was put up for sale. An unidentified UK-based customer, who supposedly purchased the home for his daughter who is a passionate Beatles fan, ended up being the final victor. At $279,000, Lennon’s childhood house is rather pricey now.

Lennon didn’t stay at the Blomfield Road house all the time. Actually, he was raised by his aunt Mimi. However, because his mother didn’t mind the noise as much, the most of the rehearsals took place there.

Blomfield Road sold for an average of $200,000 last year, according to Rightmove. As a consequence, you can see the value still attached to Lennon’s name.

Meanwhile, it is unknown what the purchaser’s planned goal is, according to auctioneer Paul Fairweather, who stated:

“We’re very pleased with the final selling price and are excited to see what plans the new owner has for the house.”