Johnny Depp Sings A David Bowie Classic – Do You Think He Did It Justice?

Youtube / Jim Powers

Johnny Depp takes over the vocals for Hollywood Vampires’s David Bowie cover

The rockstar – moviestar supergroup Hollywood Vampires, featuring Alice Cooper, Aerosmith’s Joe Perry and actor and guitarist Johnny Depp recently performed  at the Sands Bethlehem Event Center in the US, to give fans a taste of what to expect in their upcoming UK tour next month.

Usually, it’s Alice Cooper who does the vocals in the band but Depp was given the microphone for the supergroup’s cover of David Bowie’s classic 1977 track Heroes. Cooper was happily doing the background vocals.

Cooper has shared with London’s Evening Standard that Depp was a great musician in his own right, saying,

 “He’s not new to playing on stage – people are going to be very surprised when they hear him play because they know him as Jack Sparrow. When they see a guitar in this band they’re going to say, ‘Wait a minute. I didn’t have any idea he could play like that. He’s a real guitar player. I wouldn’t be working with anybody that wasn’t as good as anybody I’ve worked with normally.”

Watch Depp’s take on Bowie below: