Julian Lennon Explains His “Love-Hate” Relationship With Beatles Hit

via Club Random Podcast / Youtube

Julian Lennon, the son of legendary Beatles member John Lennon, has opened up about his “love-hate” relationship with the iconic Beatles hit, “Hey Jude,” written by Paul McCartney as a source of comfort during a challenging time in Julian’s life.

In a recent appearance on Club Random with Bill Maher, Julian Lennon shared his feelings about the song, revealing that he has heard it and various renditions more times than most people alive.

Despite his gratitude for the song, Julian also expressed how it serves as a stark and dark reminder of the events that inspired it.

“I’ve probably heard that song and heard renditions of it more than most people alive,” Lennon said. “And even my dear friends send me babies in nappies playing guitars singing ‘Hey Jude’–which I really don’t need.”

“I’m thankful for the song without question,” Lennon continued. “But … the other real thing is that people don’t really understand that [the song is] a stark and dark reminder of actually what happened.”

“Hey Jude” was penned by McCartney for young Julian, who found himself in the midst of his parents’ divorce.

The song carries a bittersweet connotation, with McCartney encouraging Julian to open his heart to the possibility of love amid the upheaval in his family.

“The fact that dad walked out, walked away—left Mum and I, that was a point of complete change and complete disruption and complete darkness and sadness. I mean, I was only 3, but I recognized something was up,” Julian explained.

Despite the emotional weight associated with “Hey Jude,” Julian chose the nickname “Jude” for his latest album. This album explores a range of topics, including environmental conservation and internal and external conflicts, offering a glimpse into Julian’s personal and creative journey.

Reflecting on his decision to cover “Hey Jude” on this album, Julian admitted to feeling anxiety about the response but was overwhelmed by the positivity it received.

He expressed how this experience has brought him a newfound sense of respect and confidence, allowing him to walk with his head held high.

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