Julian Lennon Shares Why His Last Name Is A Burden

via Good Morning Britain / Youtube

In a recent interview with People, Julian Lennon talked about his experiences in the music industry and why he took a break from it for a considerable amount of time. While having the last name “Lennon” can open doors in the music industry due to the continued fascination with his father’s legacy, Julian revealed that his last name only helped him initially, and he faced difficulties afterward.

Julian Lennon talked about how difficult it was for him to secure a record deal because he felt that most music executives only cared about his famous last name rather than his talent. He explained that he always felt like he had to prove himself, even in recent years, to gain respect from those in the industry. However, he eventually realized that he should focus on his creative work rather than worrying about other people’s opinions.

Additionally, Lennon reflected on his early years in the music industry and recognized how toxic record labels could be towards artists. He explained that the way labels treated artists was shocking and led him to stay away from the business for many years, despite having had two top-10 hits in the 1980s and a promising career.

“The name got me in the front door, no question about that. [But] I was signed without my name. I’ve had the feeling of having had to prove myself even up till now to a certain degree. But I do believe that I’ve reached that kind of headspace and that position where I shouldn’t really care anymore. It’s really about getting on with the creative work at hand, regardless what medium that is.”

Julian Lennon spoke about how he reflected on his early days in the music industry and came to the realization of how toxic record labels could be.

“I was going back over things that have happened to me in the past, and I was actually shocked at how the industry and the people in the industry treat artists. I mean, it’s disturbing; it truly is. The abuse is unbelievable.”

While having the surname ‘Lennon’ was advantageous for Julian, it did not guarantee success with record executives and fans. He had to put in a lot of effort to achieve his current position as an artist, and it was not as straightforward as it may seem to establish himself.