Julian Lennon Sheds Light On John Lennon’s Dark Side

via Channel 4 News / Youtube

Julian Lennon, the son of legendary Beatles member John Lennon, recently shared insights into his family and his father’s lesser-known aspects, particularly in the American context. In a candid interview with Channel 4 News, Julian highlighted the love and strength of his mother, Cynthia Lennon, and how she supported him during challenging times.

A Complex Relationship

Julian Lennon’s relationship with his famous father, John Lennon, was multifaceted. While he admired his father’s musical talents, Julian also recognized the complexities within their family dynamic. He explained:

“I was able to separate the man, the myth, and the legend, and everything else. But a lot of people couldn’t, so when I first started going to America and touring in America, nobody understood the darker side of that relationship.”

Julian noted that many people assumed everything was fine and happy in their family, possibly due to denial or ignorance of the underlying reality. This misconception led to some awkward encounters for Julian:

“So that was a weird one dealing with people that… I won’t say were ignorant, but people would approach me without thinking about what they were going to say or do. It was always an effort to try and be nice.”

Musical Bonding

When asked about the extent of the musical knowledge he gained from his father, Julian revealed that it wasn’t as extensive as one might think. He recalled a cherished memory of visiting his father in New York during a period when John was with May Pang. During that time, their relationship was relaxed, and they would sit together with acoustic guitars. John taught Julian some fundamental rock ‘n’ roll basics:

“Funnily enough, the most vivid memory is actually when I went to visit him in New York when he was with May Pang at that time… We’d sit in front of each other with an acoustic guitar, and he’d teach me how to play some of the basics, the old rock ‘n’ roll basics.”

However, Julian didn’t anticipate following in his father’s footsteps in the music industry:

“I love that, but I didn’t think it was going to lead to anything that I was going to follow in his foot, so I was just there with Dad, and we were playing on a guitar. That was lovely, so I didn’t think outside the box on that one. It was just being in the moment, being present, and enjoying that.”

A Healing Journey

Julian Lennon has previously opened up about his complex relationship with his father. While it may appear that they had a decent father-son bond to outsiders, Julian spent much of his early years with his mother as John pursued fame. However, during the mid-1970s, John made efforts to reconnect with Julian with the assistance of May Pang, ultimately leading to their reunion.

Julian emphasized the profound influence of his mother, Cynthia Lennon, in his life and healing process. She played a central role in providing support and stability during challenging times.

In his recent interview with Channel 4 News, Julian Lennon shared these personal reflections on his family and his father’s complexities, shedding light on a side of John Lennon that many may not have been aware of. Check out the video below: