Just Last Year, James Hetfield Pulled Off The Most Incredible Act Of Kindness For Christmas

@AWMHFoundation / Twitter

It’s A Christmas Miracle!

Every year around Christmas time, rock legends truly outdo themselves more and more with each selfless act of generosity. They truly are an inspiration to us all and we, as humans on this earth should aspire to be more like them in that regard. Take for example James Hetfield of Metallica.

Not for recognition, not for the press, but simply to give back to our everyday heroes, James Hetfield actually visited his local fire department and police department in Vail, Colorado to spread a little holiday cheer. He brought by tons of Starbucks gift cards for firefighters and police officers.

This act of gift giving was all on behalf of the All Within My Hands foundation and needless to say, it’s going viral! Again, we should all aspire to be like these rock legends that each year go out of their way to give back to those who protect us on a daily basis. Below are the tweets/photos documenting the whole experience.