Keith Moon’s Isolated Drums on The Who’s ‘The Real Me’ Is Unbelievably Good

via @the_mods_officia | Instagram

The music was written by guitarist Pete Townshend for the group’s classic 1973 rock opera Quadrophenia, and without Moon’s agile skill, Townshend’s broad artistic ambition for the tune or record would not have been completely realized.

The song has long been remembered for John Entwistle’s complex bass performance, but I’d dispute that Moon’s pounding is by far the most memorable. He explores every piece of the kit in a number of methods while riding it at a furious pace, a real demonstration of his talent.

Fortunately for us, Moon’s isolated drum for ‘The Real Me’ has indeed been discovered, so here, we can sense how fiercely he assaults the drums, with his ethereal rolls on the toms at the conclusion delivering goosebumps down the spine as the intensity develops. You can only imagine what it would have been like to witness him lay down the track in the studio; it’s a genuinely impressive run. This is the epitome of boisterous rock ‘n’ roll banging.

Keep going for the video below: