Keith Richards Dislikes Only Two Music Genres

Keith Richards / Youtube

In the ever-changing landscape of music, artists often find themselves embracing new genres and styles, adapting to the evolving tastes of their audiences. However, for legendary Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, there are distinct boundaries that he’s unwilling to cross. In a recent interview with The Telegraph, Richards candidly shared his strong opinions on modern music, revealing the two genres he simply can’t appreciate.

For Richards and his fellow bandmates, the 1980s marked a turning point.

While The Rolling Stones explored contemporary disco sounds in their 1978 album ‘Some Girls,’ the rise of sample-based hip-hop in the ’80s didn’t sit well with Richards. He expressed his disdain for rap music, stating,

“I don’t really like to hear people yelling at me and telling me it’s music, AKA rap… I can get enough of that without leaving my house.”


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Richards’ critique extended to modern pop music, particularly its reliance on synthesizers. He lamented the lack of genuine instrumentation, sharing,

“It’s always been rubbish… They make it as cheap and as easy as possible, and therefore, it always sounds the same; there’s very little feel in it… I like to hear music by people playing instruments… I don’t like to hear plastic synthesised Muzak, as it used to be known, what you hear in elevators, which is now the par for the course.”

While Richards expressed his disdain for certain genres, he has always been vocal about his passion for jazz and classical music.

Throughout his career, he maintained a style rooted in traditional blues riffs and Chuck Berry-inspired embellishments, reflecting his deep appreciation for timeless musical elements.

Despite his critiques, Richards’ musical journey continues to inspire generations of musicians and fans.