Keith Richards Shares Why Jeff Beck Could Never Join The Rolling Stones

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In a recent interview with Guitar World, Keith Richards addressed long-standing rumors about Jeff Beck’s potential involvement with The Rolling Stones, shedding light on why the renowned guitarist never became a member of the iconic band.

Richards explained,

“We felt that Jeff had his own furrow to plow and that he was not a team man. He was a soloist to the max. He was such an individualist. It wouldn’t have worked with the Stones at all. We’re all about teamwork.”

Beck’s audition for The Rolling Stones occurred in 1974, a year after Mick Taylor’s departure.


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Despite Beck’s undeniable talent, the band members recognized his strong individuality and decided that his style didn’t align with the collaborative essence of The Rolling Stones.

Reflecting on Beck’s abilities, Richards emphasized,

“But don’t get me wrong, he was a tremendous player. The odd times we got together, I was always amazed by the stuff that he did with his tremolo bar. He was one of the best, man, and he’s going to be missed.”

Beck’s attempt to join The Rolling Stones was marked by a memorable audition, during which he showcased his exceptional skills.

Recalling the experience, Beck stated,

“I started playing Bill Wyman’s bass so hard the dust was flying off. I wandered off, and the engineer, Glyn Johns, said, ‘That’s incredible!’ I said: ‘One for the archives, mate. I’m leaving tomorrow.'”

Ultimately, creative differences led Beck to decline the opportunity, paving the way for Ronnie Wood to join the band later that year. While Beck’s path diverged from The Rolling Stones, his legacy as a remarkable soloist endures, and his impact on the music industry remains significant.