Kevin Cronin Records New Version of “Keep on Loving You” With Dolly Parton

via cristina__4862 / Youtube

Kevin Cronin, a member of REO Speedwagon, shared information about his collaboration with Dolly Parton on her upcoming rock album “Rock Star”. During an interview with the Totally 80s podcast, Cronin mentioned that he and Dolly recorded a cover of REO Speedwagon’s “Keep On Loving You”. However, he described their version as a “dark duet”.

Cronin stated that the song is about his woman’s infidelity and his choice to stay with her, but then realizes that he may not have been the “good guy” after all. He goes on to explain that in the song, Dolly sings the first verse about him cheating on her and then he takes the second verse and acknowledges that he is aware of other men.

“I kind of portrayed myself as more of the good guy than perhaps I was.”

“Perhaps it takes more than one snake in the grass, ‘all coiled up and hissing,’ to tango — if you catch my drift. That’s the reality of the song, you know?” he explains. “So, it gave me the idea that Dolly could sing the first verse, and in the first verse, I’m cheating on her. But then I take the second verse, and in the second verse, I go, ‘Oh yeah? Well, I know all about those men!’”

The two then come together to sing the chorus in harmony. Cronin mentioned that he was thrilled with the way the song turned out and felt that it was meant to be performed in this manner, but he only realized it after speaking with Dolly.