Kevin Cronin Release Statement and Opened Up About Being Fired from REO Speedwagon

via Kenny Aronoff / Youtube

In a recent statement released via the official website of REO Speedwagon, Kevin Cronin, the band’s iconic vocalist, candidly discussed the challenges he faced during his early days with the band and his eventual departure.

Cronin expressed his excitement about the upcoming ‘An Evening of Hi Infidelity… and More’ shows, acknowledging the progress they’ve made with their songs.

He extended his gratitude to his vocal coach, Jeffrey Allen, for transforming his singing technique, delving into the emotional hurdles he faced from the early 1970s when he lost his spot in REO due to vocal issues.

“It was rough going for a while as Jeffrey fundamentally changed everything I thought I knew about singing,” Cronin revealed. “Plus, he continues coaching me through some of the emotional hurdles which are hold-overs from the early 1970s when I lost my spot in REO due to vocal problems.”

Cronin elaborated on the challenges of preparing for the concerts, especially in performing the entire ‘Hi Infidelity’ album in sequence.

He disclosed that he is currently working with Jeffrey via Zoom in an undisclosed location, practicing to master the all-new concert presentation.

‘An Evening of Hi Infidelity …and More’ is slated to debut on November 10 and 11 at the Venetian Theater in Las Vegas. Cronin expressed his gratitude to Jeffrey Allen, describing him as one of the unsung heroes of the REO team, without whom this endeavor wouldn’t be possible.

Reflecting on his departure from REO Speedwagon during the early 1970s, Cronin opened up about his strained relationship with lead guitarist Gary Richrath.

He revealed that their intense drive and competitive spirit, once a source of growth, turned unhealthy, leading to their separation.

“I think both of us were really driven, and I think that was part of what drew us to one another. There was always a level of competition between us, friendly competition, but it made both of us better,” Cronin shared. “Then it got to a point where the competition became unhealthy, you know, so I think we needed to get away from each other for a while. I tried to make it as a solo artist.”

‘An Evening of Hi Infidelity…And More’ promises to feature REO Speedwagon’s greatest hits, including classics like ‘Keep On Loving You,’ ‘Don’t Let Him Go,’ ‘Take It on the Run,’ and ‘Can’t Fight This Feeling.’ Fans can expect an unforgettable musical journey through the band’s iconic discography.

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