KISS Reveals The Best Bands Who Opened For Them

via SiriusXM / Youtube

In a recent exclusive SiriusXM Town Hall event, KISS, the legendary rock band, delighted fans by sharing insights into their illustrious career. Among the many fascinating revelations, one particular topic caught the attention of music enthusiasts—the best bands that had the honor of opening for KISS during their iconic concerts.

As the deafening cheers subsided, KISS members took turns reminiscing about the talented acts that had graced their stages over the years. It was evident that KISS held a deep appreciation for the opening bands that had shared their spotlight, recognizing their contribution to the overall concert experience.

These are just a few of the notable bands that KISS graciously acknowledged during their SiriusXM Town Hall event. The list could go on, as KISS has had the privilege of sharing its stage with countless talented artists over the course of their remarkable career.

Watch the video below:


For KISS, opening acts are more than just warm-up performances—they are an integral part of the concert experience. The best opening acts not only entertain the crowd but also contribute to the overall atmosphere, setting the stage for an unforgettable night of rock ‘n’ roll magic.

As KISS continues to inspire and rock the world, fans eagerly anticipate future concerts, eagerly awaiting the next wave of incredible opening acts that will have the privilege of joining them on their epic musical journey. SiriusXM Town Hall event offered a glimpse into the world of KISS, as they honored the exceptional bands that have opened for them throughout their storied career.