Late Blind Melon Singer Shannon Hoon Documentary Set For 2020

via @daviddowns81 | Youtube

A documentary for the late Blind Melon singer Shannon Hoon is expected to be dropped in the U.S in 2020, called “All I Can Say.”

Photographer and co-director Danny Clinch started the work long ago for the documentary and launched a Kickstarter in 2015 to be able to finance the documentary; Clinch was a close friend to Hoon, he had access over 200 hours of footage that spanned from 1990 to Hoon’s overdose death shortly after the band released their second LP called Soup in 1995.

“He was really an endearing character,” Clinch told Rolling Stone in 2015. “He could just become your best friend straight away. His energy was great. He was really creative and super friendly. He definitely liked to have a good time and he enjoyed the rock & roll lifestyle for sure.”

From the Kickstarter, he managed to raise $100,000 and led him to co-direct with Taryn Gould and Colleen Hennessy to comb through the footage Hoon left behind. 

 “Created with his own footage, voice and music, this intimate autobiography is a prescient exploration of experience and memory in the age of video,” producers said of All I Can Say. “Hoon’s footage provides an inside look into his family, his creative process, his television, his band’s rise to fame, and his struggle with addiction.”

Finally, after four years of hard works, All I Can Say is set to be screened. Double E Pictures along with Live Nation Productions signed on as executive producers. Double E Pictures was behind the Grateful Dead doc Long Strange Trip.

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