Listen To A Guitar That’s Made Of Ikea Furniture

via tchiks guitars / Youtube

Some are satisfied with giving them a coat of paint or putting some stickers on them. Others turn them into works of art that also produce music.

There are millions of IKEA tricks on TikTok, Instagram, and other platforms. This is what home modifications to your furniture are called when you want to enhance, modify, or transform it into something else.

No other craziness like this has ever crossed our paths. Ikea gimmick from the YouTube channel @tchiks guitars, in which he constructed an electric guitar using IKEA furniture that he already had at home!

The YouTuber’s inspiration for this instrument came to him as he was building a duplicate of Brian May’s Red Special, which he claims will be the subject of his upcoming video. He began thinking about how he could “design and build a guitar from scratch, using nothing but what’s available around me” while dealing with the Red Special. The guitar’s body, neck, and knobs are all made of IKEA furniture.

His daughter’s crib, a STUVA cot, a chair by HENRIKSDAL, a shelf by LACK, and a MALERAS photograph ledge were used to construct the instrument’s body, fretboard, and frets. The YouTuber used APTILIG cutting boards for the knobs, LILANGEN door handles for the jack output plate, and KALLAX insert knobs for the strap buttons.

The pickup was the only accessory that tschiks guitars purchased for this instrument.

Keep going for the video below: