Listen To This New Chris Cornell Song – Yes You Read That Right

via ForeverWordsVEVO YouTube

It’s Hauntingly Beautiful

It’s been almost a year since his death but we still find ourselves constantly missing Chris Cornell. Sometimes, it’s hard to believe he’s no longer with us. And with this previously unreleased track which is a transformation of a Johnny Cash poem, it’s too powerful and soulful that we cannot wrap our head around the fact that we’ll never hear him sing this heartbreaking acoustic ballad live.

This is his contribution to “Johnny Cash: Forever Words” – a collection of Cash’s poetry and letters turned into music which will be released on April 6.

“And Chris took the two pieces and put them together in this one … I can’t listen to it without it laying me down. I mean it still and it did that before Chris passed.” – John Carter Cash, Johnny’s son

Chris Cornell has always been vocal about his admiration for Cash as he once said that the legendary artist “was such an influence on me as a musician.” Back in 1996, Cash also covered one of Soundgarden’s songs – “Rusty Cage.”

Check out the video and below and hear Cornell discussing the recording.