Listen To John Lennon Sing Some Queen And Freddie Mercury Songs

via @Stevie Riks | Youtube

John Lennon, Genius At Work – As Always!

In the video below, you will hear John Lennon sing some of the iconic songs of Freddie Mercury and Queen when he was in Dakota during 1980 – the time when Queen’s Bite The Dust came out, and unfortunately, John’s final year as well. 

You will hear a selection of Queen songs such as You’re My Best Friend, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Love of My Life, Another One Bites the Dust, and lastly, Bohemian Rhapsody.

It may not sound the best vocals from John Lennon, but sure as hell that you’ll enjoy it — it’s not very often you’ll hear a legend covering songs from another legend. It’s a sad thing, both didn’t manage to collaborate as Lennon was taken from us too soon. 

What you’re about to listen is 100% real, especially the part where he messed up with the chords on Bohemian Rhapsody — you’re going to be glad that you came across with this – it’s a priceless listen. 

John Lennon recorded it during the summer of 1980, just a few months before he passed away. It’s 100% real, and 100% beautiful.

Keep going for the audio track below: