Listen to The Original Version Of The Beach Boys’ ‘Help Me, Rhonda’

via Beach Boys / Youtube

“Help Me, Rhonda” by the Beach Boys is one of their most well-known compositions. The guitar was utilized in the popular rendition of the song, although a separate instrument was used during the original version. The music’s initial recording also got a unique title.

Brian Wilson determined that another Beach Boys member should perform ‘Help Me, Rhonda.’

Wilson discusses “Help Me, Rhonda” in a 2011 conversation with Goldmine.“We did two versions of ‘Help Me Rhonda,’” he recalled. “We did one with the ukulele and we did one with guitars. We chose to use the guitar version.”

Wilson chose not to perform the song himself. “I heard myself singing lead on it originally and then I turned it over to [The Beach Boys’ Al Jardine],” he said. “I produced The Beach Boys so I decided who would sing lead. I just had a sixth sense about who should sing what songs.”

You may listen to the original ukulele version of the song in the video below: