Love Songs From Classic Rock Artists In 2019

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The Perfect Valentine’s Day Songs

One of the best feelings that music can provide are happiness, sadness, laughter, tears, fears, and, of course, love. Music is one of our opportunity in expressing and celebrating LOVE. Classic Rock fans know more of this as most of these songs are one of their favorites and dedicated to their loved ones. 

Below is a bouquet of 5 Love songs from Classic Rock Artists that you can still listen in 2019:

1. ‘Angel’: Aerosmith

Rock heads love Aerosmith, especially their antics. But, when Aerosmith creates tender music, you know it came from their hearts. When Tyler wrote this song, he collaborated with songwriter Desmond Child, a song about a man who still clings on his ex. 


2. ‘From the Beginning’: Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Known as Progressive rocker, and experimental, but who knew that they can produce such a love song. From the Beginning was ELP’s highest-charting single with Greg Lake’s song reflecting on his broken heart.


3. ‘I Want to Know What Love Is’: Foreigner

The song that made Foreigner No. 1 in the United States and the United Kingdom, not only on charts but by every woman’s heart. Probably the only song for which the band is best recognized for.


4. ‘Lady’: Styx

Co-founder and keyboardist Dennis DeYoung wrote a piece of music for his wife, the lady of his life. With the line “Love shines in your eyes, sparkling clear and lovely” really reflects how DeYoung loved his wife so much. The song was from the 1973 album “Styx II,” before Tommy Shaw joined.


5. ‘Love of My Life’: Queen

The Queen song that never gets old, and can still make you fall in love over a thousand times. A song inspired by Freddie’s longtime partner, Mary Austin. After writing the song for his partner, he performed it in concert and became instantly popular due to its operatic quality.