Marc Martel Just Blew Off The Roof With This Bohemian Rhapsody Cover – Just Like Freddie!

This rock singer from Canada isn’t just your ordinary performer. He has a very unique quality about him and that is his voice having a striking resemblance to one of the greatest singers to over grace this earth, the legendary Freddie Mercury. In fact, his vocal range is so wide and his voice is so similar to Mercury’s that he was hand-selected by Brian May and Roger Taylor to front their official tribute, The Queen. His contributions to Queen didn’t stop there, as it was his voice that was used to even out the soundtrack used in the newest Freddie Mercury biopic “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Though it really was actor Rami Malek singing in the movie, he sang over Freddie’s original vocals and Marc Martel’s.

Martel shares to Noise11,

“They hired me to do some of the singing in the movie and give the audience an immersive experience and not be able to tell where the singing is coming from. It is to make the audience believe they are really watching Freddie Mercury sing. I got to go to Abbey Road for a few weeks and do some recording there. It was the first time for me to see behind the curtain in the music industry. It was really fascinating fun and a very memorable experience.”

All of Martel’s vocal tracks were already recorded before the movie started shooting. “The way it works in movies is that the actor played his part based on their performance so all of the music had to be prepared before shooting,” Marc stated.

His vocal prowess really is mighty impressive. See for yourself and prepare to be blown away with his one-take only cover of “Bohemian Rhapsody” in the video above. He also plays the piano so masterfully, just like Freddie Mercury!