Mark Knopler Shows Off Some Guitar Tricks And Techniques He Use

via @goldcu1 | Youtube

In the clip below, uploaded by Mark Knopfler Russia — Knopfler treats us with stories of his six-stringed instruments.

The video was taken from the “Soundbreaking” Documentary which was released in 2016 and was first broadcasted in the US on PBS in November. In the video, Mark Knopfler shows off some guitar tricks and techniques he uses during performances. 

Knopfler surely loves his guitars, 

“A really powerful part of my childhood was gazing longingly at those things. I didn’t know whether it was going to be a Futurama or a Hofner or a Burns Sonic that I was going to get first. But I was desperate for something. Boy, I loved them and I still do. You never escape that.” 

Watch Mark Knopfler as he demonstrates different guitar techniques and styles on his different guitars. He showcases the different unique tones and advantages of each guitar. 

Keep going for the video below and have your self a free treat of guitar tutorial by Dire Straits’ guitar maestro, Mark Knopfler below: